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OSAKA Project

The five puppet bodies, 15 heads, and 11 stage panels I built for The Ulrike Quade Company are now part of the new performance  The OSAKA Project.  It plays at Frascati in Amsterdam April 9-11, 2015  ( and possibly at other festivals in the future.

This was an exciting collaboration between the Ulrike Quade Company and the young actors of The Factory/Likeminds.

Thursday, Nov 27 2014 is the much anticipated premier of 'Kasimir und Karoline'.  I fabricated numerous puppets, masks, and other performing objects for the Ulrike Quade Company's production at Theater Basel (   (

At the end of September I will be once again visiting the World Festival of Puppetry, in Charleville-Mezieres, France. I performed there in 2006 with Serra Hirsch of Puppet Junction. Whereas I won't be officially involved in this year's festival I am very anxious to reconnect with my performance contacts, and also meet some important new ones.

I am currently on-site in Connecticut for the next three weeks with the musician Michael Pestel preparing to fabricate his next architectural-sound installation. Another project amongst the woods and lakes of rural America...  not bad.

In July I finished fabricating an exciting sculpture for the acclaimed fine artist, Peter Coffin.  Living in the woods for four weeks in an un-finished hunting lodge from 1895 and bathing in the lake added to this fascinating experience.

In May 2013, I attended the Biennale Internationale des Arts de la Marionnette in Paris, and then observed the creation of the students final shows at l'Ecole Nationale superieure des Arts de la Marionnette, in Charleville-Mezieres.  There I had the privilege of witnessing Jean-Louis Heckel and Sylvain Maurice direct their respective productions.  I unfortunately had to leave early, but will see the final creations this September at the festival.

In April I worked once again for Randy Carfagno Productions, a long-time friend/employee.  I airbrushed an enormous head of Julia-Louis Dreyfuss as part of a costume that raced the American President mascots during a Washington Nationals Baseball game:

I also built a prototype hand puppet of a McDonald's Chicken Wrap, used by Comedy Central.

And last, but not least, I painted an unique Pinocchio mannequin as part of Randy's private collection.

In March, I worked for long-time client, Spaeth Design, carving foam pieces to look like an enormous, stacked-slate Honey Jar sent to Hong Kong for a department store window display.

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