le serrurier •  deviser.  fabricator.  performer. composer

Le Serrurier is a site-specific exercise in material transformations demonstrated within a narrative structure.

Commissioned in January 2013 for the re-opening party of the performance space La-Nef, in Paris (Pantin) France.  With assistance from Mala Siamptani.

The 'narrative' was inspired by the history of the performance space, having been originally a brick making factory. The party's theme of man's search for Utopia also figured into the enactment.




A man, a worker, enters the space surrounding the large stove wearing a wooden mask high upon his head. Donning the mask as if it's an occupational necessity, he then demonstrates a sequence reminiscent of crafting bricks from red clay and inserting them into the fire of the stove. In the frustrated climax of the pieces energy, he tosses in charcoal sticks and the drawings drafted of a plan for Utopia, and ultimately the wooden mask as well.




Deflated from a failed attempt, tools are gathered, space cleaned, and a tray of ash retrieved from beneath the stove. In this tray is discovered a small puppet that has been fashioned from the ash of the efforts materials. From wood and paper to coal and ash, a figure for the future is brought to life. In his chest is found a small key, and into the gathering of witnesses, he searches for the new bearer. A young girl gladly retrieves it, mirroring the performance spaces hopeful new future after a year of difficult renovation.





 Photos Christophe Loiseau


"The whole audience couldn't believe when you threw the beautiful mask in the oven. It was strong..."   audience member