le serrurier II •  deviser.  fabricator.  performer. composer

I was asked to present Le Serrurier once more, and chose to alter it for its original form was very much reliant on the theme of the first party. In the six weeks between performances I had been denied entry back to my home in London... three times. These experiences filtered into a new presentation, though still focused upon the use of the large wooden stove and small ashen puppet.

After a small demonstration of the puppet opening the stove and refilling it with wood and paper, a role I had acquired in my surprise residency at the theatre, myself as character has a stronger presence in the scenario. After the puppets work is done, I deliver a monologue inspired my pleadings with numerous immigration officers that didn't believe my reasons for entrance into the UK. The naivete of being an American abroad is felt strongly in my words and desperation.