between the years •  deviser.  fabricator.  musician.


between the years is a storytelling performance which combines puppetry, music, and shadow theatre.  Based on my true adventures with the puppet Francois, it tells the story of a man confusing his identity with the creation he has made.  A physical journey becomes a meta-physical journey to the heart of his past.

For a detailed report from performance at HIGH FEST in Armenia, 2009: click here


2009: HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival: Yerevan, Armenia.
   As company 'le mot juste' with Dominique Baron-Bonarjee.

2008: Brighton Fringe Festival: Brighton, UK.
   Created while in residency at The Nightingale Theatre

2004: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland; Visions Festival, Brighton, UK.
   Under the early title of 'life is precious'.