Environmental Entanglement  •  deviser. fabricator. musician.


Environmental Entanglement is a project involving multi-disciplinary artists creating conversations between their varied practices, cultures, and experiences.  Research and performances are shared with audiences in site-specific settings.  The first performances were a product of a five-week residency upon Cold Comfort Farm in Sherman, Connecticut with founding members Adelka Polak, Justin Perlman, Matt Jackson, and Dominique Baron-Bonarjee.

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Sept 2011:  "Nature at Rest and Unrest": White Silo Winery, Sherman, CT, U.S.A.
Artists:  Adelka Polak, Justin Perlman, Matt Jackson, Fumio Taniguchi, and Leesa Sklover.
With support from the Puffin Foundation.

July/August 2010: Cold Comfort Farm, Sherman, CT, and Middletown, CT, U.S.A.
Artists: Adelka Polak, Justin Perlman, Matt Jackson, Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, and Michael Pestel.