Waking/Preservation  •  deviser. fabricator. musician


Waking / Preservation is a non-durational audio/visual installation inspired by the "collision" of two entities.  This piece questions "What does communication between 1's and 0's, the masculine and feminine, and yin and yang look like in a world of emerging technology?  What happens when 1+1=1, and the ensuing question 'Was that the right one'?

Told through an original soundtrack comprising of one core piece of pre-recorded music with additional live performances, multilingual poetic texts, and free vocal arrangements.

Hovering above the performance space is the three-dimensional sculptural representation of this collision.

Created with artist Dominique Baron-Bonarjee.

Performed at Collision Festival, Area 10 Performance space, London.  2009
In collaboration with designer Itamar Ferrer, and musicians Marte Haug and Simon Taylor.

View the original proposal site here.